"I Miss Clinton" stickers...

So you went and paid good minimum wage earned money to put the sticker on your car "I miss Bill Clinton" or some variation thereof.
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Shall we review what you think you miss?

You miss a boss who takes advantage of his female subordinates. There is good evidence he went as far as being a rapist and threatened to kill those who would expose him.

You miss a lawyer who perjured himself in front of a Federal Judge.

You miss the 31 people who died in "very mysterious circumstances" who were associated with the Clintons.

There is much much more here with tons of links at the
  • Clinton Legacy.

  • You know who else misses Clinton with you?

    Osama Bin Laden misses Bill Clinton too. After all, Clinton did turn down an opportunity to have him extradited to the US when he was in custody pre 9-11. Bin Laden also claims that the weak responses were the reason he was bold to attack the WTC.

    So, what does having this sticker say about you?