Kennedy Time Machine

From meet the Press:

Teddy "Chappaqua" Kennedy was on Russert's show making statements about how to allow the new supreme court justice Samuel Alito to be approved by the judiciary committee he is on. Teddy expressed concern over "how we arrived at this nominee after Miers" and the "issue of the religious right."
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Apparently this new judge, in spite of previous senate approval (including Ted's vote) for his circuit court spot is too Christian for Ted.

Nevermind when Russert put Ted's own words from nearly 40 years ago about how "the selection process should not be about agreeing with a persons ideals but whether they can balance the law against the case to make an intelligent judgment."

Ted's facial expression was absolutely priceless!

Classic Kennedy reaction: he started choking and coughing as he gave his lame-o response. Ted's response was indicative of his true feelings: something about the situation being different than it was in the 60's when he made that statement. My response was "yeah it's different, Democrats are losing and the court is your only place of strength as liberals! Russert got your goat you two-faced murder, didn't he?"