Muslim Media Watcher

For those of you who think we can sit down and have a polite dialogue with Muslims let me clue you into what they say on their own television news casts.

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  • The Holocost is a total fabrication:(transcript)

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  • Make Your 3-year old a racist bigot:(transcript)

  • I used to think Captian Planet was extreme in a tree-hugging kind of way until I viewed some of these cartoons on how to become a
  • suicide bomber.

  • To be a true muslim, you must support Jihad. You must support the convert-or-kill policy against Chrsitians. You must set aside love and grace for the blood anyone not of your religion.

    As always, hat tip to DREAD PUNDIT BLUTO for turing me on to this site, his link is in my dirty daily list on the right column.