Frist Foozle

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Right now I'm smacking my head and doing a Homer Simpson "DOH".

Well Libs, YOUR bright side to having Republicans in control is that we don't know how to get our -EXPLICATIVE- together and get things done. Perfect example comes from MY OWN SENATOR BILL FRIST'S OFFICE, complete article linked in title.
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Democrats have excellent talking points and research. They go out as a team and say the same thing in front of every microphone they see. What they say is carefully researched to have the highest impact with the voter base. They have goals and leadership at least 80% of the time. Meanwhile Republicans form individual fiefdoms and bicker. A few spineless country-club types even do a total revolt and deserve to be removed from the party all together.

Unfortunately, the fault falls to Bush as the lead speaker for the party. Reagan kept tighter control by being the first one to the microphone.
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While Reagan is a tough act to follow, he is the standard for a successful Republican president.

Anyone who can prove me wrong is welcome to try. I'd welcome the argument that Republicans are in lockstep and have the media in their pocket. I wish.