The New Yellow Party

My party, the party of my president... a bunch of ignorant cowards. I am ashamed of my representative Bill Frist.
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History shows us the rebuilding process has traditionally taken a decade: Germany and Japan are excellent examples of allied force rebuilding after war. In those cases there weren't individual insurgents blowing themselves up to try to protest or cause unrest.

Then we have Iraq and the constant harassment by a small number of anti-American insurgent/terrorists. Now my party's Senate Republicans are cowtowing to the pressure from the terrorists? Why in the good Lord's name would they want to do that? Why set a timetable to leave when stability is the goal and there is not a definitive time when that will be achieved? Sure there are goals but when will they be met?

Have you read CAPTIAN K and found the lack of basic literacy in their armed forces and general populace? You have to teach them to read and use email before you can build an effective army!

This article also mentions opening the Federal courts to Gitmo detainees? Why is this even a consideration?

Is the reason for this because the minority party is yelling about a timetable? Why listen to them? They certainly did NOT listen to you when your party was the minority!

The definition of stupid is lack of ability, the definition of ignorance is lack of knowledge. Do these Senators not realize that any action seen as supporting the goals of the terrorists emboldens them? Promotes their cause? Do we call these Republican Senators ignorant or stupid? I'd have to say we can't call them ignorant because they do have the ability and the knowledge to know.

That leaves them as stupid cowards. Cowards because they are bending to liberal pressure. Stupid because they are giving a boost to those who would destroy us.

Note to Mr. Frist: quit listening to Lamar and get some aides with conservative backbone working for you!