Judge, Catch That Diaper Too

Now the 9th Circuit Court has decided that Judges, not parents, should determine when sex education is taught to our children. You know, because every child is the same, develops the same and thinks on the same level at each age bracket. Plus each child's household believes the same things.

Let's review some of the questions asked to these kids:
"Have you experienced:
Touching my private parts too much
Thinking about having sex
Having sex feelings in my body"

among others...

How old do you think the subject children were in this case? 13? Younger
11? Younger! Seven to Ten year olds!

Let's walk the logic through to its progression to conclusion:

Maybe the Judge should determine when my kids should see Chucky movies. We have a 5- year-old in our church Sunday school who says chuck'y is his favorite movie.
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Maybe the Judge should determine when the children are ready to ride 2-wheel bicycles. Then my 3 year old would quit asking for the Dora bike.

Maybe the Judge should come to the house and determine when my girl can get ears pierced and when she can put on makeup.

Why not? They are saying they have the right to tell me how to parent. I say here, take the child. Wipe their nose, kiss their boo-boos and tuck them into bed. Cradle to the grave takes on a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

If my kid is healthy emotionally and physically then they have absolutely NO RIGHT to tell ME when to teach my little girl about sex. That's Mommy and Daddy's job, not theirs. Are some parents irresponsible? Sure! But if the kid is not in a life-threatening situation, we can only attempt to provide a positive influence from the outside.

Make the case that Christians shouldn't be concerned about court nominees now. I'll bet anyone who is a parent is thinking twice about liberal judges doing judicial legislation now. I'd say better late than never, you are welcome to the club.