Only Black if Liberal

It would appear the inconsistency is the consistent factor when it comes to liberals and race. Only Liberal Blacks are really black. Otherwise the skin is just unnaturally tan on a white guy and it's ok to attack them.

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They let Clinton get away with it when he spoke about Rush defending Janet Reno "Only because she was attacked by a black guy..."

Now they give Howard Dean a free pass. Anyone care to explain to me how this works? If your ideology doesn't agree, your race doesn't count?

IF Bush had said what dean said... what would be happening now?

Let me just clarify that I experience racism every day when I am with my transracially adopted daughter. Racism does not know what one thinks, it only identifies a skin color. I get annoyed when it does happen, but I tend to pity those whose minds are so tiny as to judge by color. Then I hear a liberal slap racism on his sleeve as a badge only to remove it if the person of color happens to be conservative. THAT MAKES ME ANGRY.