November: Adoption Awareness Month

Transcript Of testimony I gave Sunday:

Twelve years and 7 months ago, I did not have a heart for adoption. So I thought of pregnancy as a burden and a problem to be fixed.

Now as I stand today and see the faces of these children I have a face in the back of my mind that I will never know.

Ironically, the woman I would marry would be unable to carry a child. Jesus blessed me anyway with a wonderful daughter and I have a beautiful family that is a total joy to me every day.

You see, when I speak of adoption, I know it from both sides of the argument. I know the pain and the hardship of what seems like the easy choice. I also know the constant joy of the seemingly hard choice that is actually the right one.

So if any of you out there know of someone or hear of someone who is in trouble. Don't let them go downtown and pay $400 to fix it. Tell them to contact agencies out there who have wonderful families who would beg for an opportunity to parent that child.

Today I speak to you with a heart for adoption. All of us here have been called into God's family, to call him Father. I have been adopted, and I hope you will be adopted too.

Thank You.