China Targets USA, Aegis Tech

Collecting China tidbits to help assemble the picture for the less-informed is a hobby of mine and a mainstay of my blog.
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I've already blogged previously about the Chinese knock-off of our Aegis platform. This super-destroyer is geared for 21st century computerized warfare and is the front line of our carrier groups. The Chinese have a duplicate, US intelligence agencies have known that the plans were stolen for quite some time.
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Now we know how they got the specs because the spy ring has been broken. Unfortunately, the Chinese already have some information on the next-generation Aegis dubbed "DDX".


  • Tai Wang Mak and his wife, Fuk Heung Li, rolled their luggage through the lobby of Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX.

    Ready for 13 hours in the air. Then a 40-minute connection to Guangzhou, in southern China.

    The Alhambra couple had been feeling jittery ... (authorities say because )contained in Fuk Heung Li's luggage: encrypted computer discs to be hand-delivered to the People's Republic of China, the couple's birthplace.

    As Tai Mak, 56, and Fuk Heung Li, 48, waited to board the Cathay Pacific Airways flight, several FBI agents appeared.

    About 25 miles down the freeway, agents bashed through the front door of an aging, single-story, tan-colored home in Downey.

    Floodlights lit up the home of Chi Mak, 65, and his wife, Rebecca Laiwah Chiu, 64.

    Stunned neighbors felt there must be some mistake - that the quiet but friendly couple couldn't be criminals.

    But nearly two weeks later, the two related couples - Chi and Tai Mak are brothers - face federal charges of conspiracy and theft of government property.

    In a still-unfolding investigation, the four are accused of being "foreign intelligence operatives" who stole sensitive documents about U.S. Navy technology from Anaheim defense contractor Power Paragon, Chi Mak's employer."

    There are those out there who think it's ok for China to have parity with our armed forces. To them I reply "At least the USA doesn't use tanks against unarmed students."