Missing The Point

"Why isn't there an all-liberal news channel?" was the side topic in a symposium on broadcast news.
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Bob Wright, NBC news president says going after lefty audience would be futile.

Well, not futile like you heard it, but futile because it has been tried. Also futile because THERE IS NO PROFIT IN DOING IT. That's the point!

Do Liberals listen to the radio and watch TV? Heck yeah they do. Do Liberals play well on the air?
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The answer courtesy of Air America clearly is no. Some of the most intelligent and talented people (yes, I am complementing Franken and Giraffalo) can't get listeners? How does that work exactly?

The point is that Liberalism feels good until you have to use your brain to think about it. Radio requires a person to fill in the images. The thought requires can also bring to focus the inconsistencies and lack of logic inherent in the true liberal thoughts. Take these timeless liberal positions for example:

Outlaw guns.
Government care.
Republicans are racist.
Black Republicans are traitors to their race.
Equality for everybody but tax the rich.
Rich: anyone making more than 100k per year.
Tax home equity.
The UN is better than the USA.

Once you start espousing these core ideals to a radio audience you quickly lose credibility as a source of news. There are a few markets where that clap-trap will play, and the distribution map of voting is a nice correlation to where it might work and where it won't. Business is about profits. Air America is lucky to have scraped by and even has taken money designated for a Boys And Girls Club... that they are "repaying" as a "loan". Um-right.