Clinton Conspiracy

When is a conspiracy not a conspiracy but actually good truthful reporting? If you are Hillary Clinton then you call the activities of those reporting the questionable activities spiced with marital problems in her relationship with Bill a conspiracy.
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I'd also bet that Hillary says that Nixon and his staff were the conspiracy while Woodward and Bernstein were the good guys because of their reporting?

Am I reading that right? Does that mean that when someone reports the less-than-desirable and possibly felonious facts or truths about a republican that is good reporting ON A CONSPIRACY. IF that report of equally less-than-desirable and possibly felonious facts is done against a democrat then the person reporting is THE CONSPIRACY.

I'll say this for Hillary, she's a very twisted form of consistent. She says firing 93 federal attorneys is "no big deal" when she and Bill did it in 1993. Now that Bush has fired 8 of them it is a scandal?