Israel: Stupid Move

... wait, make that EXTREMELY STUPID MOVE.

According to the Jane's link in the title; Israel is resuming arms sales to China. I have to scratch my head here, why exactly are they doing this?

Here is more background on the story:

  • China is not exactly a good friend of the United States. Nor are they all that great of a friend of human rights, religious freedom... and in fact they are great friends with Iran. The one country who has made the elimination of Israel a top political message and a core agenda?

    Will someone please enlighten Israel that by transferring their best defensive military technology to the ally of who is perhaps their most bitter enemy is likely to be a REALLY STUPID THING TO DO! Allies share military hardware! What are they THINKING?

    Somebody make sure to give Jacob Torren this article about how Iran is preparing for a preemptive strike from
  • Israel?

  • Can ANYONE out there tell me I'm wrong? Please! Tell me!