It's Cliche Time!

Maybe it has something to do with March madness and the way every player and coach interviewed uses a string of the following cliches:
"It's an honor just to be here"
"It was a team effort"
"we have played very consistent basketball at both ends of the floor"
"I think we do have two great teams and it should be an outstanding game"
"we're just focused and prepared to play (or execute)"
"fortunately for us, we went out there and played a great game and got the win"
I heard an interview with coach JIM LARRANAGA of the 2006 Cinderella team George Mason and got almost nothing but a string of cliches.

The Cliche thing is rubbing off on the politicos as well. Here is a timeless one that rears its ugly head whenever a change happens in an administration. The other side invariably uses this lame cliche in response to the change: "Simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic..."

I don't have any evidence at hand but I am quite sure that my favorite republicans are just as guilty as democrat Charles "Chukky" Schumer is this time (link in title). I would bet cash that Newt said it a few times back in the 90s.