Squirrels Are Democrats

Ever heard the term "something is squirrelly?"

Meaning: it's a rat with a fluffy tail that moves very erratically?
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Let's look at squirrelly democrat thinking:

ACLU: sex between men and boys is ok, but ban the boy scouts.
Broad application of the 1st Amendment is mandatory, But ban the second Amendment.
Statistics are wonderful indicators of injustice until they are used in law enforcement
Clinton as first black president
I voted against the war before I voted for it (or was it for before against?)
The Government will spend the money better than YOU will: $900 hammers anyone?
We are all equal in the eyes of law, but a flat tax would be evil.
Decreasing the annual increase is a cut in spending.
Making laws to limit contributions will keep politicians from being corrupted
Death penalty is evil but abortions are good.
Two words: Gay Marriage.

That's why your Squirrel Mommy is a Democrat!