Abortion: Legislating Life

Ten states are challenging Roe V. Wade in their legislatures. Rabid opponents are coming unglued with the prospect of the "Evil Conservative Court put in by King George" will kill abortions in this country.

A pun that I cannot find funny.

For those of you who do not know, I aborted my girlfriend's child a decade ago. It cost me $400, my relationship with that girl, and a part of my soul. Many days I find myself wondering what should have been. How that child could have made a family happy just as my adopted daughter has filled my life with sunshine and smiles when my wife could not carry a child.
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My daughter is a daily reminder that selfishness drives the majority of on demand abortions. That it takes strength and character to carry and place a child that you are unprepared, unable, or unwilling to parent with someone who is desperate for the opportunity.

Opportunities abound to support the ironic lack of logic in Liberal thinking around abortion. The irony of the Liberal position is that Judges should be allowed to legislate from the bench just as RVW did in the 70's. It's moot to argue against that position, nobody really denies it. The same style liberal judges have gone out of the country to quote "international law" as an effort to support their positions. Ironic because the US is by far the easiest place to get an abortion on demand. International thought is that abortion should not be as easy as drive thru service. Yet these Judges who quote international law (which is a violation of Article III of the Constitution-read it!) seem to overlook that tidbit of fact.

Another irony of liberals is to be against the death penalty yet for abortion. The lofty position of "not killing innocents" only applies to convicted criminals. As genetic proof of this lack of logic, Virginia is DNA testing all evidence in cases with the death penalty to confirm guilt. Most notably is the Roger Keith Coleman case, where post execution DNA did actually prove he was guilty and should have been executed. Thirty-one people have been exonerated by the DNA, which is good. Last I heard the other 137 were still guilty and the ratio still works out that the courts have been right.

(In case you are wondering, I'm all for genetic testing of evidence on all convictions. I say if the family chooses to pay for it, great-make it happen. IF exonerated, the state should reimburse the family and release the incarcerated. )

However I can assure you without a genetic test that the unborn are guilty of nothing.

The defense of abortion comes down to rape, incest and the life of the mother. To that I respond: if the number of abortions reflects rape, then there are a tremendous number of unreported rapes in New York, NY where the abortion rate is estimated at 50%!

The lie is abortion seems to be the easy and convenient way because it's too difficult to place for adoption. The truth is abortion is an albatross you carry for decades, mostly emotionally and for some women it creates a permanent physical reminder from damage.