Seig Heil Allah!

The liberals love to joke about how the EVIL REPUBLICANS ARE NAZIS and make awful comparisons between Hotel Gitmo and Jewish Concentration Camps of Hitler's Germany. While there has been a very small outcry to correct this gross misrepresentation of history relating to the concentration camps and even brought at least one apologly to the forefront from Delay, the thought stream still carries on.

Now we have some intelligent reporters clarifying the direct relationship between Nazi Germany and Muslim fascists dating back to the 1930's. These relational roots wrought the foundation and growth of the Islamic Center in Munich as reported by the
  • Wall Street Journal
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    I'm a chepskate but this has spurned me to buy an online subscription to WSJ just to get this article!

    The article details the history of two men, a Nazi Scholar Gerhard VonMende and a muslim academic Said Ramadan al-Buthi. Their actions and life events colliding with the construction of the mosque in Germany in 1958. Ramadan out manuvered and out lived VonMende to control and grow the mosque until the 1970's.

    To more accurately portray the horrors of Nazis, one must compare them to those who direct Muslim sucicide bombers. Here are the more well written articles you can link to to give perspective on this topic:
  • Caroline Glick, JWR