Why Libs Need Talking Points

It's pretty simple. MOVEON.ORG can't risk that
  • >guests will open their mouths
  • and say what they are really thinking! They must stay to the line of being "moderate not extremist" or risk revealing their feelings about those weird Christians and that out-of-date constitution.

    The other issue is what exactly are the core values of the Democratic party?
  • Obama
  • brought this up at a rally for Democrats over the weekend with this quote:

    ""The Democrats at times have lost their way," conceded Obama. "We are trying to decide what our core values are."
    The criterion for judging the party isn't whether it's to the left or right, "but are we true to our core values," he said. Nobody defined core values."

    I find it reassuring that the author of the article wrote the last part about the lack of definition. The Democrats present left a gaping hole that we on the right are more than happy to fill in.

    If you look to the party leadership (Screamin Dean) you find that
  • anything white and Christian
  • is evil,
    that terrorists deserve a
  • fair trial
  • and republicans need to be lynched (well, convicted without trial would be more accurate),
    and that a woman's body is her own as long as it isn't an unborn woman.

    The media has shown how sympathetic they are to the liberal agenda (anything
  • against BUSH
  • ) as well.

    Why can't the Democratic party win? Because they have open their mouths and shown themselves to be the extremeist liberals they truly are. Because the conservatives in this country out number the liberals the democrats cannot win as the party of Clinton. They have shown how far out of step they are with the vast majority of the country not living in the mostly urban slums.

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