New Gay Connotation for "Good Hands People"

It seems that in spite of the fact that being homosexual is a choice for less than 2% of the total population that some companies will risk supporting them anyway. Allstate Insurance, with their old motto "The Good Hands People", has seen fit to fire an employee for what he wrote on his free time, at home, and was not related to his job. Because Matt Barber chose to exercise his first amendment rights that were contrary to the company's policy Allstate fired him.

Allstate did not contest Barber's application for unemployment. The state specifically states that he was fired because of a complaint from an organization against what Barber had written outside of work against being homosexual.

  • Allstate's Official Response

  • For those of you who are doubtful of Allstate's support of homosexual lifestyle, here are links to the facts:
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  • http://www.kintera.org/atf/cf/{2DA526CB-1C43-48A5-86E0-6DAC2B9AE1CA}/V1204.pdf
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  • Aren't you GLAAD you use Allstate

  • Just so you know, Barber has chosen not to bend over to the company:

    "Attorney David Gibbs III of the Christian Law Association fed suit in federal court against Allstate Insurance Company on behalf of Mr. Barber. He had been employed as a manager in the corporate security division at the company's Chicago area headquarters. The case, No. 05-cv-03152, has been assigned to Judge Amy St. Eve, and an initial case status hearing is scheduled for July 20, 2005"
    quoted from email-Donald Wildman, Chairman One Million Dads.com

    I'll be keeping up with this as it develops...if you are shocked about this you should check out
  • commercialcloset.org
  • for more offenders like Kraft and Ford.