"PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING" features super strong men bantering in a soap operatic theme then rolling around mostly naked in a ring rigged with sound enhancing springs and microphones. There are show girlie girls who in at least one episode spilled heavy cream on each other's ample exposed cleavage (I wish I hadn't seen it but I did).

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No stereotype is too politically correct for them to abuse, although I still haven't heard of a Jewish wrestler.

As if Wrestling isn't stupid and degrading in just about every way possible to every segment of society possible, why are people so surprised at its insensitivity to terrorism?

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If you take wrestling seriously, get a life. If you were actually watching UPN when this show came on, GET A LIFE! If your kids watch wrestling and you thought the subject matter was insensitive to the terrorism events of the same day then WAKE UP AND SMELL YOUR OWN HYPOCRISY!