They Have A Screw Loose

The pro-choice advocacy does not seem to be getting enough abortion business so they are sponsoring a "Screw Abstinence" party in Seattle.

Quick let's review some statistics:
What prevents pregnancy 100% of the time?
What prevents STDs 100% of the time?

If you said Abstinence you won! Go to a Kroger grocery store and get your free cookie. Yes kids are going to rebel against authority and do stupid things. That doesn't mean people in authority should be doing stupid things like this to encourage it!

What is the message? Have sex because it's fun! Well for some it's also fun to play DOOM! Do we want them to go out into the streets and shoot real people? It's fun to eat junk food too! Does that make it good for you?


I am on my knees daily thanking GOD for the opportunity for a CONSERVATIVE to pick 2 Supreme court nominees. People who even come close to thinking like the NARAL crowd are too stupid to be given this kind of authority.