Eggroll Commies VII

Today's Commie update: Washington Times article (linked in title) details this:

"China's long-term strategy toward the United States was outlined by the late communist leader Deng Xiaoping in the phrase "hide our capabilities; bide our time." "

and now put that statement with this:

" China's strategy calls for "proactive defense," and senior Chinese Communist Party leaders think that building nuclear arms is the key to countering U.S. power in Asia and other parts of the world, said Chen Yonglin, a diplomat who defected to Australia two months ago. "

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For those libs out there with mushy brains, proactive means FIRST STRIKE. These guys use tanks against student protesters. Think they'll hesitate to nuke California?

Perhaps the single most chilling thing is this:

"Chinese Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu told reporters two weeks ago that China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against "hundreds" of U.S. cities if a conflict breaks out over Taiwan. "

You see, the party has not stepped up and denied this general or his statement. Boys and girls, that means that they WANT him to say that and they WANT YOU AND ME to KNOW IT.