Boons, Boondoggles and Quagmires OH MY!

The evil MilitaryIndustrialComplex AKA Haliburton (syn: see CHENEY/VP/Bush Puppeteer) is striving to mire us in a boondoggle of a quagmire of a vietraq war that we have no clear closing date of pulling out of!

OH MY! I think we'll be hearing a combination of THAT garbage for a long while!

Sure the Iraq invasion is a PR boost to Muslim extremist recruiting. What do they inherently know that we can't seem to put across? The notion of liberty will quash radical muslim whackos in the long run. Why isn't
  • Senator Byrd's Klan
  • a powerful force anymore? Because the rule of liberty and justice takes the rational out of racism. The masses understand that equality because they are equal to their neighbor. The radicals are relegated to a back burner of a free society with the other small portion of malcontents.

    The LiberalJournalisticConsortum malcontents are striving to stick the quagmire label on this Iraq war. Let's just ignore the facts of the successful election that the same LiberalJournalisticConsortum poo-poo'd and had to eat their words on. Let's ignore the three-century leap in women's rights in Iraq and Afghanistan. Let's ignore the tales of mass murder and torture in favor of slamming the Right-Winger President. Instead let's see what plays well in the focus groups and spin it out there now!

    I smell a cowardly LeftLion. The Leftlion has declared CHOICE for abortion and Gay Marriage but NO CHOICE for school vouchers and social security. They must be scared of counting the number of ideals and institutions that have been squashed or fixed by the RIGHT in this country. The left cannot have us know their former stance on
  • the war,
  • AND
  • social security
  • . If they did, republicans would win mightily because there has been a 180 degree shift in what is acceptable ONLY BECAUSE BUSH IS IN FAVOR OF IT.

    Who said that "Americans would pay any price for the success of liberty"... Bush? Cheney? Rumsfeld? NO! It was JFK! My how the conservative democrats have fallen under the siege of the liberal wing.

    Go back to the pollster wizards you cowardly LeftLions. Let them grant you your courage.