Hypocracy Eleveated to anti-Sainthood

This article by Bob Tyrell of JWR (linked in title and site linked at the bottom of my page) has some disturbing underlying tones in it.

I see the tones continuing to expand, with it being ok to be critical or negative of Christians or Jews, while Muslims are elevated above their terroristic cousins and held to some kind of Sainthood. This disgusts me to no end! The terrorist is a Radical Muslim terrorist, not some generic attacker with some cemtex and a cell phone. There is an orchestrated effort by a fundamentalist muslim group to impose their will on YOU and ME! They are terrorists!

Yet as I write, Blair is supporting a bill for Parliment that makes religious intolerance speech prosecutable? Will he prosecute the Muslims who literally interpret select sections of the Koran which instruct that Christians be converted to Islam or be executed?

The ONLY reason why Christians are subject to such ridicule is because what they believe is true. The Torah and Koran support my statement so don't tell me I'm wrong.