Richard Cohen: Some Pigs are Better than Others

Richard Cohen says that one should never compare the Nazis to anything but leave them to their own time and crime. To do otherwise is to violate the unique horrors experienced by his brother Jews. Yet he turns around and makes a metaphor of a play about Nazi camps and says he "thinks of Abhu Grahb".

But he still has the gall to say "So understand, please. I am not likening us to the Nazis (or the communists), and I am not comparing victimhoods. I will not permit the trifling of the Holocaust."

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Richard, historical note here: Orwell was writing about the people's revolution in Russia. Where a few laborers overthrew the ruling elite and then crowned themselves as the elite.

My comparison here is that you have made it clear that it is wrong to compare and thus cloud the memory of the concentration camps. Yet you persist in doing exactly the same thing because it suits your political goals. The worst part is you have done it in the context of a theatrical review?

Yep, Richard... Orwell was right, some Pigs are Better than Others. It is ok for some pigs (democrats) to be in the farmer's house (throw the Nazi card against Republicans) and eat the other animals (betray your brother Jews). It's because you're a democrat and somehow better than others.

You disgust me you dirty swine.