I constantly see and hear accusations that people like me are "drinking the kool-aid" and spewing the White House talking points. Yet, I haven't gotten any memos because there aren't any to get!

Then there are these reports that the talking points are out: KEEP BASHING BUSH ON ROVE... here is the quote:

"A Supreme Court nominee will not distract the country from the growing credibility problem at the White House"

This is a carefully crafted script derived through focus groups. Democrat PR & media people have determined that there is no traction on the John Roberts appoitment (Conservative president appoints conservative judge... he wins so he gets to pick-Americans understand that even if some don't like it). However there still seems to be traction on Rove. It's smart politics on their part and I deeply wish the conservatives would do more pro-active polling research to determine the most effective psychological effect.

Of course the thinking is that post-Clinton Democrats have no core values so they have to create them through research. The counterpoint is that the Democrats are using the media the way that advertisers do. The message gets out and it works. Even if it is only "liberal kool-aid" for the masses.