COMMIES V: The Unocoal & Maytag War

Unocoal backed the deal from Chevron instead of CNOOC ltd's offer.
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  • If you weren't worried about that deal, then you need to study the history of how China treats its people.

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    You should also analyze their recent buildup:
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  • Not to mention the precarious position we have with our pledge to defend Taiwan, and the fact that one of their high-ranking generals pledged nukes if we interfere there.

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    Boys and girls, they ARE thinking about you and me in terms of a NUKE TARGET, ok?

    In other less worrisome RED CHINESE news, Qindar Haier didn't get to buy
  • Maytag
  • either. Who would they get to play the Maytag repair man if China did buy the company? I'll just eliminate the obvious joke about how those stains would come out better if Maytag got the ancient Chinese secret.

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