Guess the source, game I

A new Game from ddot's rants: Guess the Source!
You read the quote and try to guess who is being quoted!

"Collateral Damage" was produced following the globalization project and militancy of people like George Bush. It is no coincidence that it was produced and released in theaters in close proximity to the September 11 events. One could even say that if the events of September 11, 2001 had not happened, the Americans themselves would have helped them to occur, or set up a similar event, to justify their worldwide presence. Therefore, the production of films like "Collateral Damage" is entirely pre-planned and serves a specific purpose. Within the tumult of globalization and the dialogue between civilizations, "Collateral Damage" is a film about the clash of civilizations, and was consciously planned to hasten it. It serves the interests of the owners of the weapon factories, who are President Bush's main supporters.

Here are the choices A, B, C OR D?:
A) The Dixie chicks
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B) Al Gore OR Howard Dean
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C) Some Iranian doing a review of an American Movie
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D) Kim Jong

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The correct answer is
  • {C}
  • ... made you wonder, didn't it?