Ebonics dis Whack

This skoo system iz mad stupid an' destroying it'skids by promoting ebonix an' negroid culture as uh part o' da cirriculum. I'm sure deez kids watch television, an' I haven't seen any ebonic cable networks-so do dey dig' what dey iz watching? Yet da skoo paid uh sociologist who told dem ta put ebonix an' negroid culture studies in ta he`p da kids dig'? Understand what? How ta be da bomb spoken ebonic kid in da ghetto? That'sda way ta lead dem into mainstream society! what the f**k sup now?

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Since you likely missed the point, here is what I wrote and put thru the
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    This school system is stupid and destroying it's kids by promoting ebonics and black culture as a part of the curriculum. I'm sure these kids watch television, and I haven't seen any ebonic cable networks-so do they understand what they are watching? Yet the school paid a sociologist who told them to put ebonics and black culture studies in to help the kids understand? Understand what? How to be the best spoken ebonic kid in the ghetto? That's the way to lead them into mainstream society!

    I love dis here skoo system! Let'skeep cranking out da new democrats ta wack at mudda da system'snipple! and s**t.

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