Grasping and Swinging the Obvious

In a completely unsurprising move it has been found that John Robert's legal papers written while under the Reagan White House contain -GASP!- ultra conservative wording! OH MY GOODNESS! You mean the Gipper was a conservative?

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Those boys at the Wash. Post don't miss much, do they? That Michael A. Fletcher is one sharp stick! It's really surprising that since Bush WON the 2ND election that he would feel it is OK to nominate someone conservative. The article does bring us a nice quote from the old car-crashing stand by:

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), asked if the documents suggest Roberts is not committed to civil rights, said: "I don't reach that conclusion yet, but it does certainly raise some questions in my mind." He added that the Judiciary Committee must find out whether "Judge Roberts is going to be a part of the sense of progress we have made" on civil rights or whether will he "move us back."

If you look back through that quote carefully, Kennedy was really saying: "Judge Roberts is some racist honky that will completely unravel our liberal power base we have worked so hard to make; but in my mind I'll look like an idiot if I oppose him and he gets on the bench anyway."

Stupid liberals. It's like Air America, it's out there but nobody is listening.