A Hacker's Dream!

All wired school with free laptops. Only a liberal could think this is a good idea.

The article linked above states that "students with laptops seemed much more engaged than at schools with books..." Sure they are! Those students are text-messaging each other, surfing porn sites and playing games! Do not for one second tell me that the firewall can prevent certain activities. I personally can get past most security measures on a firewall and get to whatever it is that I shouldn't be doing.

Yes, dear reader, I blog so as to curb my urges to hack porn sites. It has worked very well too! Just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean I'm not tempted. It just means that I'm not supposed to give into the temptation.

Back to the article: only $850 per laptop? Let's take a bet on how many have to be replaced because they are stolen, spilled on or run over? How many batteries will quit working? How many cords will be lost? How many screens will be broken? Think major $$$ to fix those issues!

A very bad idea indeed. Plus, why buy NEW COMPUTERS for these kids? I know for a fact you can get functional laptops for $400 each (OR LESS) in bulk! Old IBM Thinkpads with 700 mhz chips and 8 gig hard drives would be more than sufficient for wireless students. Buy an extra one for every child and still have money left over from not having to fix all the problems on the new ones.

More stupid ideas to spend tax dollars from the folks who brought you free condoms and safe hamsters.