Framed Lies that Feel Good

I caught a Liberal Catholic's blog and there was this rambling post about how she is pro-choice-but-pro-life-when-the-life-is-in-danger blah blah blah... The problem is her thought process is a wishy-washy blend of religion and feeling. Or better known as a liberal mind of mush. For those of you who think this way maybe this post will lead you to think about the issue more than just what feels right.

Here is what I posted:

Having paid for an abortion and adopted a child a decade later I am qualified to chime in with these questions:

What is the core logical argument of abortion: is it the right of the mother or the life of the baby?
To answer that, review these questions:
What percentage of abortions save the life of the mother?
What percentage of pregnancies aborted are caused by sexual activity that the mother did not willingly choose to participate in?

If death is medically determined to be when there is no activity in the core of the brain then when does a fetus have activity in the brain and therefore life?

When you break down the answers to those questions abortion becomes much more inhumane and much more of a selfish choice for the majority of those who chose that route.

Any other "framing" of the argument obfuscates the truth. Then again, most people aren't interested in truth they only want to see what they agree with.

I personally know the true lingering pain of abortion and the love and strength it takes to place for adoption. I can tell you that adoption is by far the easier way over the long run. Please don't learn this lesson for yourself like I did.

I'd be surprised if I heard back on this one. I hope it makes a difference for someone out there because I mean the last paragraph with all of my heart and soul.