Eggroll Commies IV

7.18 update: EU needs to continue
  • arms sale ban
  • to Chinese... (but that isn't likely to happen with the competition in the arms market what it is today)

    7.16 update:General Zhu drops the A-bomb:
  • LINK

  • ***
    The UNOCOAL deal's drama continues. What usually does not happen in a big acqusition deal is that the buyer comes to the table with a bigger offer unless they are
  • dead set
  • on buying it. My paranoia is growing on this deal.


    Our Eggroll eating enemies are showing their
  • true colors
  • by reviewing their rules on open broadcasting and competition with "non state-sponsored media entities". Yet another aspect of how the Chinese do business and think. THEY DON'T THINK LIKE WE DO. So it is impossible to apply our thinking to their way of doing things. Unfortunately most liberals are too stupid to realize that the Chinese leadership want the US destroyed.