Scumbag Liberal Mafia Family, Southern Style

Moderate Democrat (1st pic)Harold Ford Jr's uncle, Liberal Democrat (2nd pic)John Ford, is in a big heap 'O trouble. He's been lining his pockets by selling his vote, to the tune of millions of dollars.

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It makes me wonder how far the apple falls from the Ford family tree. Outside of Obama, Harold is likely the #2 poster boy for the Democratic party in the coming '06 & '08 election cycle. The problem with Ford is that the
  • black liberal media
  • hates what Harold is saying. Ford is saying he agrees with Bush and that social security is sinking? Hmmm...is this guy a democrat?

    If his Uncle is any indication, we should keep a sharp conservative eye on this wannabe from the opposite side of the Mississippi from Clinton's home Arkansas. I think he'll end up to be a liberal in conservative clothing.