Live 8, Smells Like Liberal Spirit

Definition of a conservative: do what you think is right
Definition of a liberal: do what feels right.

that's the difference!

Somebody please tell me how many BILLIONS of dollars in aid have been poured into Africa? To what result? Might be the same result as the billions poured into poverty in America: pretty much nothing. How in the heck is a concert going to DO SOMETHING MORE?

That's the spirit Libs! If it feels good it MUST BE RIGHT! Of course it isn't possible that those who put on this show would profit in any way while sending a "message" to the government representatives at the economic conference.

Hey, it's just like Africa itself! Put on the mantle of leadership and speak some platitudes to the masses but rake in the cash for personal gain. That's why Africa is in poverty (that and the whole
  • "have sex with virgin to cure AIDS"
  • belief). It's funny how the concert promoters likely will benefit the same way that the corrupt politicians/rulers/dictators have in Africa- make a show, say the right thing, then go home with the cash.

    The GOOD NEWS is reports are surfacing that only about 10% of the anticipated 3 billion audience showed up... and only the hard core liberals came so it