Ignorant Watermelon Outrage

It's hot, it's summer. City leaders had the notion to throw a picnic and provide a watermelon eating contest on the taxpayer's dime. Sound like fun?

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Well, if you live in the Miami Ghetto it makes you a wasteful racist. Miami church leaders seem to think that tagging the "Ghetto Talent" name to the party is offensive? It also seems that the right reverend Dunn believes a truck full of watermelon can buy a whole bunch of "books and backpacks for needy kids" or some such crap- at market prices of 14 to 21 cents per pound, woo hoo that's NOT HECK OF A LOT OF BOOKS. One $35 textbook would cost 166 lbs of watermelon!

What is their problem? How much is it worth for the kids to have some fun just like they do in white communities all across this great nation? Google Image Search "watermelon eating contest" and you'll be hard pressed to see anything other than White people eating melons. There's one to chew on and spit out.

Last time I was in Miami there weren't nearly as many black faces as Cuban. I would imagine that the Hispanic population would be surprised to hear that everyone who lives in the Miami ghetto is black.

My next question to these people is where do you stand on Ebonics? You obviously want what is best for your children, do you let them speak that gutter gibberish or do you require them to speak English? My point here folks is for these people to spend their efforts on things that matter. Start with the home and the family. Don't be indignant about a perceived slight that isn't really there.

It's kinda like worrying about ATM fees and being against tax cuts. It sounds good, but in the final analysis it is TOTALLY IGNORANT OF THE FACTS. Maybe the first problem is you associate yourselves with the word ghetto. Let's start there and make a difference!