Unlike liberal democrats who don't really care what stupid thing people who represent their party say (like Durbin, Rangle and of course Dean) we republicans care!

Now the congressman from Colorado: Rep. Tom Tancredo opened his mouth and shoved his foot so far in it that he choked on his ankle by saying we should consider "bombing holy sites" if a terrorist successfully exploded a nuke in the United States.

Rep. Tancredo read this carefully: THAT IS MORALLY WRONG. YOU CANNOT PUNISH A LARGER GROUP FOR THE ACTS OF A FEW. We as a people are better than the terrorists, not the same as them. That act would directly harm women and children non-combatants. We want to be better than those who orchestrate suicide bombings and only go after targets of tactical significance. Prove it to be a target of significance and bomb it first? Yes! Not just any mosque as retaliation!

So congressman, get your head on straight or I'll duct tape your mouth shut myself.

To any liberal readers out there: a challenge for you to be so consistent as to call down one of your own when they step over the line.