Eggroll Eating Commies Target USA

  • Oil Friction continues

  • UPDATE: 7.4
  • China Military Spending & the EU

  • ORIGINAL RANT: 6.27.05 9:43AM
    Just great... it is looking more and more like my boastful words of "We could beat the Chinese if we had to, not easily, but we could" to the test.

    First comes a Janes article last month where the Defense Department is "surprised" at the Chinese military buildup. It only took about 4 weeks for the Washington Times to run the same information in their paper
  • Dragon Awakes
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  • Call me a paranoid grasping at straws if you like. I'm deeply worried about those Red Chinese and their intentions. History proves that war is precipitated by planning, and the elements are clearly there as to what China's long-term goals are. Here's their agenda:
    1) secure the neighboring countries
    2) secure oil access
    3) weaken US influence and undermine US alliances
    4) take back Taiwan
    5) cripple the United States

    6.29 NEWS UPDATE: China warns US not to interfere in deal between "private agencies"... the only problem is their CNOOC is 70% state owned! That ain't private boys and girls, except to the very controlling Chinese government. Heck, to the Chi-Comms it's outrageous freedom to only control 70%.

  • China Building SPR (secondary data in article)