SI Global Warming

Thank the good lord that a real authority has finally published the difinitive piece on global warming. I was nursing a budweiser flipping between sports channels on the satelite when I noticed that cover and had to read more.

Yeah, right.

While I do feel for the ski people and the variances in weather that have caused them to not be able to enjoy their pastime I still lack something concrete. Concrete as in PROOF. PROVE to me that climate is supposed to be static! PROVE to me that we could change weather if we wanted to?

Did man change the Sahara into desert from lush tropics or did climate change?
Did man change the antarctic into a frozen wasteland was it a natural process (tectonic shift)?

HERE is an apt way to respond:
Lay a pencil on the goal line of a football field. That field represents our atmosphere. That pencil represents the billions of tons of CO2 we have put into the air. NOW prove to me how that pencil makes a difference in temperature?

It makes us feel good to be green and I'm not saying that's bad. I am saying that the association of the doom-and-gloom end-of-the-world garbage has got to stop.