Rubicks Cheating

I am a child of the 80's and was glad to see the nostalgic comeback of the cube in the last few years as a short-lived fad. I fondly remember throwing mine away in teenage disgust the first time I owned one only to come back to it and get irritated again.
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Eventually my friends took the stickers off and put them in the right place. This didn't ever look quite right so I took a screwdriver to mine and pried out a mid point outside piece and pulled the whole thing apart, reassembling the pieces correctly. The center squares are the axis/frame incase you wondered.

That was 15...no.. 17 (?) years ago?

One of my sales reps came by and dumped a bunch of these irritating puzzles on us with their logo prominently featured. It took a month before someone did the sticker thing to fix theirs. I have to pause and consider the subliminal ramifications of the cube as promotion for a B/C credit underwriting company. Much like the company that had pigs-with-wings with their logo (we said "you'll close with them when pigs fly") I must think that we are to cheat to assemble the file to make it look right for them to close? Maybe move the stickers around or a brute-force-screwdriver maneuver?

Now there is a better answer! (to the cube, not the loan)

Click on the link in the title and you can solve your rubick. That's right, follow the directions and tell the program where your cube is now. It will give you the moves to fix it.

The guy in the next cube did his in 80 moves. Kudos to whomever wrote this program!

As an aside, this was purely for fun and I stringently abide by every rule for mortgage lending in every file and never move the stickers or take a screwdriver to a file to make it work.