Romney's Cult?

It's becoming an important question: Are Mormons Christian? That answer is central to the answer of if Mormonism is a cult or not. I am a Christian and because Mormons assert that they too are Christian then the Bible will be our basis for examination of the question at hand.

Let's define Cult:
A religious group that follows a particular theological system. In the context of Christianity...it is a group that uses the Bible but distorts the doctrines that affect salvation sufficiently to cause salvation to be unattainable.
A religious group which denies the essential doctrines of Christianity.

Let's define Christian:
Literal definition is to be like Christ.
Accurate definition is the belief in the fact that Jesus of Nazareth is the son of God and that through faith and belief in his ressurection as the salvation for our sin is the only method to get into heaven and avoid eternal damnation.

Let's define un-Christian:
Belief that actions, thoughts and behavior outside of a faith in Jesus will raise the spiritual level of a person after death
Belief that there is no heaven or hell.

Now we will define Mormonism:
Joseph Smith was convinced in the 1820s (exact date somewhat debated in different versions of Joe's writings) that all protestant religions were false and that either one or two beings of light or angels appeared to him with golden tablets and a mission to preach a new gospel. God is a man (corporeal being) who came to Earth. The belief system asserts that God as a man had intercourse with the Virgin Mary to create Jesus.

Joseph Smith was very specific that the Bible was accurate and true and that nothing in the third testament should ever contradict it.

To attain a good seat in heaven a Mormon must abstain from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine,narcotics and any form of extra-marital sex. A Mormon must diligently work for the church and serve as a missionary for two years while barred from speaking with his family. A good Mormon will wear all white and volunteer to serve at the local temple. The armor of God is to be worn to protect them from enemy attack and that consists of "long underwear" with an embroidered fig leaf. They are urged to have many children.

Mormonism from a Christian perspective is based on the works of the individual. A good argument from them is that "faith without works is dead" an excellent biblical basis. However the Christian also recognizes this verse: "I will pay each of my laborers the same wage-regardless of work put in"

The IMPORTANT flaw in the Mormon theology is Paul's very blunt warning that completely contradicts the pivotal founding moment of Mormonism:
"Do not accept any additional information even if presented by a being of light."

I have never found any Mormon who could answer my question about Galatians 1:8.

To wrap up: Mormonism is a cult because it believes that Jesus was not formed supernaturally. It reports that the method to get to heaven is through work and being careful of what you eat and drink, not through the grace of Jesus. The formation of the religion is based on an event that is specifically mentioned as being a deception in the new Testament.

I would never say the Mormons are bad people. Most I have known are amazingly generous and kind. However being good does not get anyone into heaven, period.