Peacock Congress

I'm actually quite satisfied to see Congress spending 2 weeks doing nothing but blustering. When they are blustering and prancing around showing their feathers they aren't creating regulations and laws that take more money or time from me.

What does concern me is their pecking away at Iraq and our soldiers. During the campaign every single Democrat said "We need more troops and Bush will have to use the draft to get them." Last week every single Democrat said "We don't need more troops because Bush is the one asking for them." Now that's a democrat politician! Whatever is said is good for the next 5 minutes or until it doesn't serve me anymore. Heaven forbid you are held to your word on anything.

I'm concerned that we are going to see a pattern of bird brained political sabotoge of troop movement. Murtha said on NPR that he and his allies in Congress are planning on using "not sending troops that aren't ready" as an excuse not to supplement or replace existing troops. My thought is that the law of unintended consequences is going to come back and bite those democrats in the rear end. I'm not sure exactly what the consequence will be, but I am sure it's going to come at the cost of one of our volunteer soldier's blood.

Are Democrats interested in winning in Iraq is the best question I have heard so far. The answer of course for anything involved with the Democrats is "What's in it for me. If it's good for me, then we are for it. If it involves something that might cost me my re-election or help Bush then we are against it."