Nuke Disamament and Knights

Today there was a link in Drudge detailing how a British group was against a Star Wars (junior) system being placed on British soil. Their seemingly baseless reason is because it would make the US confident enough to do a first strike.

Their words, not mine. I seriously hope I don't have to tell anyone how stupid that is.

I went to their website to see where their thoughts are. Rattling around my head was a bit of the history of weapons and the fact that these folks are British. I couldn't help but think of their lack of logic and compare it to knights in shining armor.

Once upon a time, a knight's armor was the apex of military might. There was no single weapon sufficiently strong to overcome it until the longbow and the death knell of both armor and castles: gunpowder.

If you consider that todays intercontinental ballistic nukes are the apex of military might then the historical perspective says there will come a technology that will make those nukes obsolete. That "Star Wars" tech will lead to the elimination of the ballistic missile as a delivery device for a nuclear weapon when it becomes perfected.

My question after reviewing their site is: why aren't you in favor of the Star Wars shield since it will lead to the eventual fall of the ballistic missile? Wouldn't that be the goal of your group?