Farrakhan's Prophecy

Is a prophet of God ever wrong?

It is a fair question. I'm asking because Mr. Farrakhan is giving his farewell speech. It would seem that a very stout prophecy he gave some years ago regarding his trip to the big wheel in the sky to visit the mother ship was somewhat erroneous. The one where he declared that his brothers and sisters would be rescued from oppression and taken up in the mother ship?

Any takers on that quote? Anyone still following this nut after that kind of proclamation? If you do please tell me why you choose to ignore some of what he said?

I would tell you that I believe that Jesus was never wrong. I would also tell you that I lump Farrakhan in with Joseph Smith and Muhammad of Islam as being false prophets. If that makes me a bigot in the sense that I am intolerant but still respectful of my on religion then so be it. I'd rather be labeled with a name than wrong.