Clinton Woes Show Smoke

I genuinely think she is setting us up. She being Hillary. The setup being the only choice she has and that is to dump her schmuck cheating husband and have the fortitude to go into the election cycle as a divorce'.

"But Dave" you think: "Aren't you a Christian!?"

Sure I am. I will tell you that the definitive acceptable Christian measure for divorce is infidelity. We all know that Bill ain't monogamous. Why so many women still flock to this guy and vote for him is way beyond my understanding but they do. Very few women would tolerate what has been proven true, let alone the accusations of rape, in their own spouses.

I say again: Hillary will divorce Bill and be our first female President. She will carry a margin of respect and support beyond reproach if she dumps the schmuck. I've said this for years and know beyond a doubt that it would make her unstoppable.