Child Safety Warning

When is safety bad? When is saving children not worth the cost? What if you could virtually eliminate the number one cause of death and/or injury in the United States for citizens 1-24 years old?

The liberal will leap to the keyboard and say we must do whatever it is-then might smell a rat.
The conservative might think the same thing but will smell a rat.

Ready with your response?

Here is the Census bureau statistical breakdown for 2003. Note transportation and accident statistics for ages 1-24.
  • excel sheet here

  • What If I told you that writing a law reducing the speed limit on all roads to 10 miles per hour would virtually eliminate fatal car accidents? This law would reduce those accidents by a margin approaching 98%.

    The liberal has to twist their logic to make the argument work. The conservative sees the absurdity of ends without weighing the cost and knows that this proposal is ridiculous. What other laws mandate safety without consideration of the cost?