Senate's Red Tape Gag

What is the priority of the Democratic majority Senate? Is it...


ALL THOSE ARE WRONG??? "NO WAY" You say? Give up?

Senate bill 1: (paraphrased)
"Any grassroots organization's communication regarding a legislative topic directly to a legislative member or to an individual whereby an individual then contacts a legislative member regarding that topic becomes subject to spending tracking"...

It's an interesting monitoring of grass roots organizations and their spending. That is, the wording says that every INDIVIDUAL expense incurred on behalf of every INDIVIDUAL topic must be documented and is subject to federal review or penalties of $100,000. If you are against guns as a grassroots then you would have to track every individual expense and donation for the individual causes of concealed carry, assault rifles, gun safety...etc on separate ledgers for each individual topic. Some grassroots efforts are spread among 10 or more topics at any given moment.

IF a grassroots group sends you an email that makes you stand up and call your representative then that group is subject to intense scrutiny. If you are say, big labor or a corporate entity you are exempt from these invasive rules.

THIS CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN! I have total faith that it will not last 5 minutes in front of an intelligent court.

I wish I could say I'm surprised, but remember I did say "Congrats and Hang On!"