Race-Based Purity

This group is exclusively for our race. You are told not to apply if your skin color is not correct. We will actively work to prevent the "wrong types" from coming into our club.

Sounds like a bunch of white racist republicans, doesn't it? Did David Duke say this? It's actually the Congressional Black Cauccus. They told the Democrat

What really gets me is how amazingly shallow their definition of black is. Harold Ford Jr. is a small percentage black but he was permitted in the group. In a continuation of the revulsion I have of this group's exclusions and ideology: I wonder if you have to pass the pencil test to get in?

If you don't know what the pencil test is: it involves the ability of curly hair to hold a pencil. At some point in black history there was a test where a pencil was used to determine if your hair was too curly (held the pencil) to let you in. Hint: if it stayed in you didn't get in.