Ellison's Misconception

"It was good, we did it, it's over, and now it's time to get down to business," Keith Ellison said after he was sworn in using a Quoran with lots of very impressive provenance.

I have some reasonable and logical questions to ask:

If newly sworn in Keith Ellison really wanted to focus on the issues that are important why did he make a big deal out of insisting to use a Quoran instead of the Bible?

Has Mr. Ellison actually read the Quoran?

Does Mr. Ellison genuinely believe that the founding fathers would have approved of using the text that asserts its believers kill Christians that refuse to convert?

I would submit to Mr. Ellison that his misconception is that this is over. No, it isn't, sir. You have chosen to start something that will definitely overshadow anything accomplish from now on. Think of it as the asterik beside the baseball record of Mark McGuire.

Know this too Mr. Ellison: the true believers of Islam are not the ones who call it a religion of tolerance and peace. The true Muslims are those who commit acts with no regard for their own safety.