Political & Predatorial Time Bomb

He has a record of making unwanted advances and saying lude things to subordinates. His behavior is well known but covered up by party leadership. It is good that he is no longer serving in office.

Am I talking about Foley? NO! I'm talking about Bill Clinton!

There is at least one credible charge of assault against Clinton yet he is still lauded and loved by the Democrats. Remember the James Carville discredit of "drag a hundred-dollah bill thru a trailer park" comment? Foley sends some dirty emails, keeps his hands to himself, and is called a ticking "time bomb" by the press.

I guess if you are a Republican you have to be straight laced, and I don't have a problem with that. However the double standard of permitting a rapist to go untouched because he is a Democrat is a little hard to swallow.