Vincente Fox and the Fence

While Latinoissues may do a much better job of knowing the issues I'll take a stab with some common-sense insight. In the title is an article link to comments made by Fox about the 700-mile fence that Bush is putting up.

We know that Mexico's government ACTIVELY encourages, enables and instructs their citizens on how to illegally immigrate into the USA. They are obviously not concerned with the laws of the United States when they actively work to help their citizens violate them.

What Fox actually said:
"The decision made by Congress and the U.S. government is deplorable," Calderon said while on tour in Canada. "Humanity committed a grave error by constructing the Berlin wall and I am sure that today the United States is committing a grave error in constructing a wall along our northern border."

Stepping back for a moment and setting aside all issues except for his specific statement let's view the underlying message from Mexico's highest elected official: The United States is equal to the Communist Soviets who built the wall to keep their people in their country.

Is this a true and valid statement? Obviously not because our citizens are free to come and go as they please. We are trying to keep people out of our country who haven't followed proper channels to come into the country. Clearly our border fence is not equal to the wall he mentioned in any context unless viewed by someone with a short memory and poor thinking skills.

Why would Fox say such an inflated statement? Possibly because in order to maintain a stable economy and government our neighbors to the south must encourage illegal immigration. Immigrants send millions of dollars back to family members still in Mexico so encouraging immigration of any form is a way of building their economy. I would also submit that a populace that is unemployed with little options for work is ripe for unrest.

A second possibility is that he knows his statement will resonate with the liberal voters of the Los Estados Unitos who are generally equipped with poor thinking skills combined with bleeding hearts.

I am not cold to the realities of Mexico and limitations of their economy. However our reality is that we must restrain the tide at our borders as long as there are groups of individuals who are willing to kill themselves in order to harm us. Is the fence a finger in the dike? Possibly so. We have to start somewhere. Every day we delay action we increase the odds that the weak border will be taken advantage of by someone who isn't simply looking for a job. Someone who instead is looking to help attack the great Satan.